we're STILL in the new premises

Not far away - 17 Tower St, instead of No 19.

How does our Food Coop work?

Ipswich Ripple Food Co-op opened in April 2007.  We sell vegetarian and  organic wholefoods,  locally or ethically sourced. 
We add only 6% onto the wholesale price of goods (to full members), making them affordable,   improving access  to healthy foods. 

As a voluntary community project, the Food Coop is run by and for its members.  
We open once a fortnight, on Saturdays - see News and Events for our trading dates. 
We are in the Foyer of 17 Tower St, the building Next To the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Shopping at the co-op is not like shopping in a supermarket. Many of our products come in bulk, members weigh out their own goods and look up the price from a list. It's a hands-on experience, much more enjoyable than supermarket shopping!

Brown paper bags are provided for decanting dry goods into the quantity you need, but try to bring your own containers.
Some liquids are sold from big drums with a funnel, so bring along your old washing up liquid bottles.

We  have a fairtrade cafe, lending shopping a sociable, relaxed atmosphere. Friends and groups use us as a meeting place.
We welcome those with special dietary needs and stock many gluten and dairy-free items.
We hold information on local events and organisations, run educational workshops, and hold feasts.  

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