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Instructions for Personal ordering:

Use this to  create a Personal order

    1. Add item to list
      This takes a cycle of 3 steps:
      1. Enter search text
        This will search only stock we hold.
        Type a key phrase into the search text field.
        - Such as 119  (for PU119)  or "ba be"  for baked beans.

        Press enter. (Or click on "Go" with the mouse)

        A list of matching products will come up in the selection area, with the top one highlighted green


      2. Select Item

        Use the Up/Down arrow keys to choose the item you want, then press enter
        Or click on it with the mouse.
      3. Set the quantity

        Set the quantity. Use up/down arrows, or + and -  or type in the new quantity,
        (remember you can use negative numbers for returns)
        Then press enter (or click Add to List)
        This will take the focus back to the search text field (step a above),
         where you can add the next item.
    2. Member / Non-Member
      Use F8 key to flag member or F9 for a non-member.
      (or click the member/non-member checkboxes).
      F8 will bring up a box that asks you to enter the member's name:

      Type their name into the "Search Name" field and press enter.
      Select between all the "smiths" and "jones" using the up/down arrow keys
      or the Back/Fwd buttons.

      When you've found the right name, and the panel has gone pink or green,
      Press enter again (or click use number)
      and their Membership number, and
      membership fee owing (if any) will be recorded.
      If you just use ESC (or click Close button) no membership data will be recorded!

      Purchase confirmation

      press the F10 key, or click the Purchase button

    3. Click OK to really complete the purchase, Cancel to give up.

Deleting Items

To delete an item on the list, click on it twice S l o w l y with the mouse. (clicking once will turn it green).
You are then given the option to delete.


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